MinedHype Apartments Information

A second home for our most trusted players


Apartments Lobby is open to the public
— All original design MinedHype Apartments
— Coordinates X / Y / Z: -2900 / 64 / -2200
Any grief or stealing is a lifetime ban
— Rent is FREE! Apartment is lifetime!
Show off your apartment for the world to see!
Invite only for Bonus Members
— Please be positive, friendly, & respectful to your neighbors
Do not change ANY of your original ceiling or floor blocks
— Do not enter any other apartment without explicit permission
— Do not bother or annoy your neighbors
— Do not lag the apartments in any way
— Build/Modify your own apartment only
— If your apartment is empty or sparse after a while, you will lose it
— Must keep the same building structure
— Must be safe from mob spawns
— Must have a door with buttons/levers/etc. to open & close (no pressure plates)
— Floor & ceiling dimensions must remain the same
— Apartments cannot be combined or joined in any way and must remain separate
Guests are allowed, but apartment owner will be responsible for their actions
— Every apartment owner has TRUST access to the whole building, hide valuables in ender chest or elsewhere
— Public Race Track next to Apartments
— 31 Floors
— Rules may change at anytime for any reason

Your apartment is lifetime and will never be removed. You may change/modify: glass, walls, door, & anything within your own apartment that will not affect your neighbors.

MinedHype Apartment Members
Beez0r, Dendriform, StraightBusta, ryhuddl, senseiwells, Shawnate, Emerald_Eagle, QuarrelsomeFox, SirLoinOfBeef7, KiranicoX3, jammerand, rilington, TurtleLover909, tinafizzy, Alobyte, Dydy21, xRecklessAsianx, rxmahn5, B0z4, TangurpleDemi, Tracker81, Vanessa2601, Deashider, Curtisimo, Swiftpwns, Ahoka_Tano_Girl, the_starwars_guy, MCCaspro, ClaireFandom, YellowMellow_YT, G_Locker, xXBoSSyhEmXx, Taemie, aFriendlyPig, BohrBohrygmos, HuntingSlayer, Cybernetfreek, Erv123, -GypsyLeia, -Jiji216

Apartment photos can be found at our builds page