Server Information:
  • Server IP:
  • Ryzen 9 5950X, DDR4 3200MHz RAM, 3 x 980 Pro NVME SSD RAID5, high-performance server
  • Las Vegas, Nevada (US WEST)
  • Server is hosted by

We have enabled Cross-Play in both of our Minecraft servers! You can use any of the following to connect to MinedHype servers: Java PC, Android, Windows 10, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows 10 Mobile, Fire OS, Xbox One, & Nintendo Switch! Players connecting using Bedrock Edition will have a before their player name. Connect to the servers ip using default ports! Default Java Edition Port: 25565; Default Bedrock Edition Port: 19132

Minecraft 1.17.1 Java 16GB RAM Survival Multiplayer
Bedrock & Java Connect IP:

SMP Server Rules:

  • No cheating/hacking/exploiting/x-ray/bots/spamming/harassing/advertisements
  • Do not lag the server with large machines, farms, etc.
  • Admins will not help you build or fix farms, give you free items, repair your tools/armor, teleport you anywhere, teach you how to play the game, or restore items from a death
  • Admins will not help you with expired claims due to not logging in the server within 40 days
  • You must ask for permission to build or claim next to players & their existing claims
  • PvP only allowed if players involved have PvP enabled by typing command /pvp on which is disabled and off by default
  • Do not intentionally kill players. No tricks, pranks, or jokes that result in player damage or death
  • AFK or idle is allowed, no time limit. Stay as long as you’d like!
  • Streaming, recording, videos, & pictures allowed while playing
  • Be positive, friendly, & respectful
  • Listen & follow anything admins tell you
  • English only language speaking server
  • Grief is only allowed if the AREA IS NOT CLAIMED!
  • Do not spawn any withers maliciously or around claims that are not yours
  • Do not spam chat or repeatedly send the same messages
  • No large lava or lava casts within 25,000 blocks of center spawn point in the Overworld above sea level
  • Report any issues on our discord server
  • Have fun!

SMP Shop Request:
SMP Unban Request:

SMP Server Info: (

  • Mostly Vanilla Survival Multiplayer
  • World started as new random seed on 1.14 release
  • Bedrock & Java Cross-Play
  • Nether was reset on 1.16 release
  • Overworld & Nether will never be reset or wiped!
  • The End is the only world that will be reset every so often for loot
  • Set 3 /homes using /sethome & teleport to your home anytime using /home
  • How to claim land & protect your stuff with Grief Prevention YouTube video
  • Grief Prevention plugin using stick, chest, & golden shovel for /claimPlayer Command List
  • Teleport to random safe locations up to 50k blocks from spawn point using /rtp
  • Type /tpshop to teleport to MinedHype’s Shopping District area!
  • PvP is off & disabled by default! Use /pvp on or off to toggle pvp & no pvp in claimed areas!
  • If you enable PvP (Player vs Player) by typing /pvp on, then you should expect PvP
  • Player items are protected upon death, you must type /unlockdrops to allow players to pick up your items
  • Wither can only be spawned in The End or Nether
  • Items & loot that are not in claimed areas are open to anyone
  • Fire spread is disabled
  • Spawn in a random radius from spawn point 0 to 20000 blocks
  • Teleport request to a player using /tpa, then they can /tpaccept or /tpdeny
  • Enable or disable teleport requests with /tpatoggle
  • Claimed areas are protected 256 blocks above & below ground level
  • The server will message you death coordinates immediately if you die
  • 30 hoppers, 25 pistons, 25 sticky pistons, and 25 observers limit per chunk
  • 1000 initial claim blocks, 250 accrued per hour, & 100,000 max blocks
  • Claims expire after 40 days of inactivity
  • Player Shops
  • DiscordSRV live events/achievements/chat in #smp-server
  • Data packs: Anti Enderman Grief, Double Shulker Shells, Dragon Drops Elytra & Egg, Player Head Drops
  • Sleeping in a bed sets your respawn point
  • Night-time will be skipped if 25% of players are sleeping
  • Live Server Map
  • Use /dynmap hide or /dynmap show to hide/show yourself on dynmap live server map
  • No world border, explore as far as you want
  • Black areas on the Live Server Map are unexplored new chunks

Last updated 11/27/2021