MinedHype Neighborhood Information

A home for players who want to team and live close to other players


MinedHype Neighborhood Requirements – 100% FREE:
— Must be a new player at MinedHype for less than 1 week
— Willing to team and live in a community around other players
— Must have joined our discord server
— Have never been banned or warned by MinedHype admins
— Players must be consistently active otherwise access and trust will be removed
— Players can abandon their neighborhood home at anytime
— If a home is abandoned, the player will lose trust to the area and the house may be assigned to other players who sign up
— Neighborhood home is lifetime as long as the player remains active and has not built or established a new base
— Player /homes will be reviewed periodically by admins to make sure the neighborhood is the main/most used home
— Neighborhood home will be removed if the player is inactive for 14 days, or if the player decides to build a new base
— Applications are subject to approval and not guaranteed
Sign up at the BOTTOM of this page! You will be E-Mailed if approved!

MinedHype Neighborhood Rules:
— Must be active, respectful, and friendly to the server community and your neighbors
— Do not be toxic, rude, or inappropriate; this applies to builds, signs, and behavior
— Do not cause lag or annoy your neighbors
— Any grief or stealing from other player homes will result in a lifetime ban from the server
— Every home owner has trust access to their claim, and container trust in public areas. Do not leave valuable items in public areas, hide valuables in ender chest or elsewhere
— Admins will not help retrieve lost/stolen items if players leave items in public areas
— Guests are allowed, but home owner will be responsible for their actions
— Do not enter any other homes without explicit permission
— Player homes are randomly assigned. Players will not have the ability to choose where they want to live. If you complain or do not like your home, you will be removed from the neighborhood
— Players can change and redesign their home as long as it stays within their claimed area
— Player builds cannot be more than 20 blocks in height
— Players cannot build mines or large holes under their bases
— Do not change any of the paths or walkways
— Do not destroy or break public areas (fountain, storage, clubhouse, etc.)
— Builds must be safe from mob spawns
— Players cannot combine their homes
— If your home is empty or sparse after a while, you will be removed from the neighborhood
— Do not build any farms in your claimed area
* Rules and requirements may change at anytime for any reason