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MinedHype Shopping District Directory

Shopping Districts listed in alphabetical order by builder & includes district shop categories

Beez0r District
— Minerals & Blocks with Drops —
Examples: Amethyst, Ancient Debris, Copper, Coal, Diamonds, Emeralds, Gold, Iron, Lapis, Netherite, Ore/Deepslate Ore Blocks, Pottery Sherds, etc.

ClaireFandom District
— Nether & The End —
Examples: Blackstone, Elytra, Ender Chest, End Rods, Netherrack, Purpur, Quartz, Shulker Boxes, Warped Nylium, Twisting Vines, Wart Block, etc.

Curtisimo District
— Brewing & Redstone —
Examples: Comparators, Observers, Dispensers, Potions, Redstone, Sticky Pistons, Nether Wart, Glass Bottle, Blaze Powder, etc.

ryhuddl District
— Tools & Weapons —
Examples: Armor Trim, Boots, Bows, Diamond Helmet, Elytra, Leggings, Netherite Chestplate, Pickaxe, Shield, Shovel, Sword, Turtle Helmet, etc.

Shawnate District
— Food & Consumables —
Examples: Apples, Cake, Chicken, Enchanted Golden Apples, Golden Carrots, Melon, Glow Berries, Steak, etc.

SirLoinOfBeef7 District
— All Other Overworld & Miscellaneous —
Examples: Clocks, Beacons, Boats, Books, Brush, Chiseled Bookshelf, Echo Shard, Enchanted Books, Fireworks/Rockets, Glow Item Frame, Heart of the Sea, Lightning Rod, Maps, Name Tags, Recovery Compass, Paintings, Paper, Prismarine, Saddles, Sculk, Spyglass, Totem, etc.

Supernova2601 District
— Nature, Stone, & Wood —
Examples: Bamboo Planks, Cherry Logs, Cobblestone, Deepslate, Dripleaf, Dripstone, Calcite, Tuff, Mangrove Logs, Moss, Mud, Glow Lichen, Fences, Obsidian, Planks, Saplings, Sculk Veins, Signs, Spore Blossom, Stone, etc.

xRecklessAsianx District
— Colors, Dye, & Flowers —
Examples: Banners, Candles, Carpet, Concrete, Dye, Flowers, Glass, Glazed Terracotta, Terracotta, Tinted Glass, Wool, etc.

xRecklessAsianx & Beez0r District
— Animal & Mob Drops —
Examples: Axolotls, Bones, Frog Lights, Ghast Tear, Glow Ink Sac, Goat Horn, Gunpowder, Honeycomb, Leather, Mob Heads, Nether Star, Player Heads, Slime, Sniffer Egg, String, Tadpoles, Tropical Fish, Totem of Undying, etc.

Free Items District
— Community area where players can take and leave items! —

VIP Donor District
— Must be an active Bonus Donator! —
Any item that is not banned from shops can be traded here!

Shops are usually processed & created within a few days. Players are responsible for checking if their shop(s) have been created within the district(s) they applied for.

MinedHype Shopping District Rules
1. Shops can only sell items within district category
2. Items can be sold in multiple districts as long as it belongs in the district category the shop is in
3. Shops will automatically expire if you do not log into SMP server within 10 days
4. Shops that are continuously out of stock will be removed
5. Shop owners must create & maintain at least 2 different trades per shop
6. Troll items are not allowed
7. Do not afk at /tpshop or else you will be kicked from the server!
8. If your shop expires or has been removed, you must reapply for a shop