MinedHype Player Shops

Steps to create your player shop

  1. Place a barrel at the location you want your shop to be
  2. Type /shop create
  3. Click the barrel that will be your new shop!

Steps to create TRADES for your shop

  1. Click on your barrel shop
  2. Click on green create item
  3. Drag the items YOU WANT TO SELL to the left slot
  4. Drag PRICE FOR YOUR ITEMS to the right slot
  5. Click on green create item

Steps to delete TRADES for your shop

  1. Click on your barrel shop
  2. Click on red TNT delete item

Steps to view all of your shops inventory

  1. Type /tpshop
  2. Go to Shop Stock Block
  3. Left-Click Shop Stock Block
  4. This is your shop inventory which includes items players have traded
  5. DO NOT FULLY STOCK YOUR SHOP INVENTORY! Leave some space or items traded will be lost

Steps to delete your shop

  1. Go to your barrel shop
  2. Type /shop delete
  3. Click the barrel shop you want deleted!

Steps to trade using a players shop

  1. Go to the players barrel shop with green particle effects
  2. Click the barrel shop
  3. Click on green BUY item to trade

Steps to list all of your current shop locations

  1. Type /shop list

Steps to teleport to Window Shoppers area

  1. Type /tpshop

Any player that trades/sells a lot in the server can request 1 shop at Window Shoppers area!
Only Bonus Members can have more than 1 shop at /tpshop!
Anyone can request for a shop by submitting a Shop Request!

Shops that are not being used will be automatically deleted when the server restarts!