MinedHype SMP Server Bonus Membership
Applications are processed once a month
Players can re-apply once a month if no email response

Current FREE Bonus Memberships: 60 Players
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Bonus Donor Member ($10) – Help support the server!
— Completely optional & not necessary for Bonus Perks. No game-play advantages! No P2W!
— Use command /sit to sit on chairs/seats!
— Use command /hat to put items on your head like a hat!
— Discord role & tag in-game as Bonus Donor
— Discord name changed to in-game name (optional)
— Chat in #smp-server & #bonus-members discord channel
— Access to MinedHype Donor End Portal. DO NOT teleport non-donors to this area or your access & trust will be removed
— Do not AFK at MinedHype Donor End Portal area
— Ability to use /tpend command
VIP Player Shop next to /tpshop location that will never expire while you are a Bonus Donor
VIP Area access to place shulkers & privately stock your shops at the Shopping District
— Bonus Member Application Priority. Your application will be processed within 5 days
$10 donation for 1 month of donor membership
— If your donor membership expires, your account will go back to your previous rank
— Donations are voluntary. Refunds will not be issued
— Donor perks are valid for 30 days from the time payment has been received
Inspection Tool Information:
1. Access to our inspection tool using command /co i
2. Left-click a block to see who placed that block
3. Right-click a block to see what adjacent block was removed
4. Right-click (place) a block in a location to see what block was removed at that location
5. Right-click (place) a block in another block to see who placed it. (ex: place dirt in water to see who placed the water)
6. Right-click on a door, button, lever, chest, etc. to see who last used it or who added/removed items from containers

Please enter your Minecraft username using notes when donating or email [email protected]!
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Bonus Member Requirements – 100% FREE
When admins teleport to the coordinates provided in your bonus application, we expect to see an established home/base that reflects the amount of time you have spent in the server. Bonus membership is 100% free and given to players who have dedicated time and effort to create unique, detailed builds. We understand that farms and machines are a part of Minecraft, but the requirements to become a bonus member in the MinedHype server are more focused on building skills and creating unique builds. Redstone contraptions (farms and machines) can be easily replicated or built by following internet tutorials, which is why we do not count these structures when looking at bonus applications. Bonus membership is subjective and given to players who have spent the time to meet the requirements that are listed below:
— Must have at least 100 hours total time played in play.minedhype.com server — https://stats.minedhype.com/#award:play
— Have never been banned from MinedHype
— Known as an active, respectful, & friendly community player
— Joined our discord server
— Must have built, claimed, & established a home made only by you (farms or machines are not a home & DO NOT count)
— Your playtime should reflect upon the effort you put into building structures/homes/a base (the time spent afk, trading, farming, pvp, exploring, etc. WILL NOT COUNT TOWARDS BONUS)
— Your homes/bases must not be sparse or empty and should have details
— Only builds by you are considered, shared builds or claims do not count
— Do not lag the server
— Do not be toxic, inappropriate, or spam
— Your bonus membership & claims will expire if you do not login the server within 40 days
Subject to approval & not guaranteed. Can be revoked at anytime for any reason
Sign up at the BOTTOM of this page! You will be E-Mailed if approved!

Bonus Builder Member Requirements – 100% FREE
— Must be a Bonus Member for at least 3 months
— Multiple impressive & unique builds in server that are massive & completed (farms or machines DO NOT count)
— Builds must be claimed and owned by you
— Builds must be built primarily by you
— Reached max claim blocks limit of 100,000 accrued
— Please E-Mail [email protected] your player name & coordinates of the claims you would like us to review as part of your application

Bonus PLUS Member Requirements – 100% FREE
— Long time Bonus Builder Member
Invite only

Bonus Member Perks
• Bypass /home teleport wait time
• Bypass /tpa cooldown
• Bypass /tpshop cooldown
• Use command /tpahere
5 /homes
• Discord role as Bonus Member
Bonus Member tag in-game
• Chat in #smp-server & #bonus-members discord channel
• Discord name changed to in-game name
• Claims & membership expire after 40 days
• See last 3 death locations since server restart

Bonus Builder Member Perks
• All of Bonus Member Perks
• Discord role as Bonus Builder Member
• Bonus claim blocks as needed up to 200,000
• Up to 15 /homes as needed
Bonus Builder tag in-game
• Claims & membership expire after 90 days of inactivity
• Please E-Mail [email protected] if you need more homes or claim blocks

Bonus PLUS Member Perks
• All of Bonus & Builder Member Perks
• Discord role as Bonus PLUS Member
• Claims will never expire (lifetime claims)
Unlimited claim blocks as needed
Unlimited homes as needed
Bonus PLUS tag in-game
MinedHype Apartment

*Bonus Memberships may be revoked at anytime for any reason