MinedHype SMP Server Bonus Membership
Applications are processed once a month
Players can re-apply once a month if no email response

Current FREE Bonus Memberships: 71 Players
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Bonus Donor Member ($10) – Help support the server!
— Completely optional & not necessary for Bonus Perks. No game-play advantages! No P2W!
— Use command /sit to sit on chairs/seats!
— Use command /hat to put items on your head like a hat!
— Discord role & tag in-game as Bonus Donor
— Discord name changed to in-game name (optional)
— Chat in #smp-server & #bonus-members discord channel
VIP Player Shop next to /tpshop location that will never expire while you are a Bonus Donor
VIP Area access to place shulkers & privately stock your shops
— Bonus Member Application Priority. Your application will be processed within 5 days
$10 donation for 1 month of donor membership
— If your donor membership expires, your account will go back to your previous rank
— Donations are voluntary. Refunds will not be issued
— Donor perks are valid for 30 days from the time payment has been received
Inspection Tool Information:
1. Access to our inspection tool using command /co i
2. Left-click a block to see who placed that block
3. Right-click a block to see what adjacent block was removed
4. Right-click (place) a block in a location to see what block was removed at that location
5. Right-click (place) a block in another block to see who placed it. (ex: place dirt in water to see who placed the water)
6. Right-click on a door, button, lever, chest, etc. to see who last used it or who added/removed items from containers

Please enter your Minecraft username using notes when donating or email [email protected]!
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Bonus Member Requirements – 100% FREE
— Must have at least 100 hours total time played in play.minedhype.com server — https://stats.minedhype.com/#award:play
— Have never been banned from MinedHype
— Known as an active, respectful, & friendly community player
— Joined our discord server
— Must have built, claimed, & established a home made only by you (farms are not a home & DO NOT count)
— Only builds by you are considered, shared builds or claims do not count
— Do not lag the server
— Do not be toxic, inappropriate, or spam
— Your playtime should reflect upon the effort you put into building
— Your bonus membership & claims will expire if you do not login the server within 40 days
Subject to approval & not guaranteed. Can be revoked at anytime for any reason
Sign up at the BOTTOM of this page! You will be E-Mailed if approved!

Bonus Builder Member Requirements – 100% FREE
— Must be a Bonus Member for at least 3 months
— Multiple impressive & unique builds in server that are massive & completed (farms or machines DO NOT count)
— Builds must be claimed and owned by you
— Builds must be built primarily by you
— Reached max claim blocks limit of 100,000 accrued
— Please E-Mail [email protected] your player name & coordinates of the claims you would like us to review as part of your application

Bonus PLUS Member Requirements – 100% FREE
— Long time Bonus Builder Member
Invite only

Bonus Member Perks
• Bypass /home teleport wait time
• Bypass /tpa cooldown
• Bypass /tpshop cooldown
• Use command /tpahere
5 /homes
• Discord role as Bonus Member
Bonus Member tag in-game
• Chat in #smp-server & #bonus-members discord channel
• Discord name changed to in-game name
• Claims & membership expire after 40 days
• See last 3 death locations since server restart

Bonus Builder Member Perks
• All of Bonus Member Perks
• Discord role as Bonus Builder Member
• Bonus claim blocks as needed up to 250,000
• Up to 20 /homes as needed
Bonus Builder tag in-game
• Claims & membership expire after 90 days

Bonus PLUS Member Perks
• All of Bonus & Builder Member Perks
• Discord role as Bonus PLUS Member
• Claims will never expire (lifetime claims)
Unlimited claim blocks as needed
Unlimited homes as needed
Bonus PLUS tag in-game
MinedHype Apartment

*Bonus Memberships may be revoked at anytime for any reason