Current Bonus Memberships: 72 Players
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Bonus Member Requirements – 100% FREE
— Must have at least 150 hours play time in server —
— Have never been banned from any MinedHype server
— Known as an active, respectful, & friendly community player
— Joined our discord server
— Decent build(s) with claims in SMP server (farms DO NOT count)
— Must have built & established a home
— Do not lag the server
— Have played in the server for at least 1 month
Subject to approval & not guaranteed

Bonus PLUS Member Minimum Requirements
— Multiple impressive & unique builds in server that are massive (farms DO NOT count)
— Reached max claim blocks limit of 100k
— Long time Bonus Member
— Invite only

Bonus Member Perks
— Bypass /home teleport wait time
— Bypass /tpa cooldown
— Bypass /tpshop cooldown
Inventory Restore Request
— Use command /tpahere
— 5 /homes
— 4 Player Shops
— Setup a shop at /tpshop area if available!
— Discord role as Bonus Member
Bonus Member tag in-game
— Chat in #smp-server & #bonus-members discord channel
— Extra bonus blocks for competing in events

Bonus PLUS Member Perks
— Claims will never expire (lifetime claims)
Unlimited claim blocks as needed
Unlimited homes as needed
Bonus PLUS tag in-game
— MinedHype Apartment

*Bonus Memberships may be revoked at anytime for any reason