MinedHype Island Build Event — STARTED
Started: Friday, September 8, 2023
Ended: Wednesday, October 4, 2023 @ 11:59PM PST

Event has STARTED! Sign up at the BOTTOM of this page!

MinedHype Event
To compete in this event, player(s) must build an island starting on September 8, 2023. When the event time is up, admins will judge and take photos of the builds within a few days.

Event Challenge
Event challenges are a new feature that will be included in some events. If you decide to do the Challenge, you may be able to select a prize from the Challenge Tier. Prizes will be very limited for this tier and Admins will select up to 3 people to qualify for a Challenge prize. If you decide to do the challenge, but do not place in this tier, you will still have the opportunity to select a prize from Tier 1 or Tier 2! The Challenge for this event is: Create an Island build with a Fantasy/Cottagecore/Mythical theme.

Judging is based on 2 categories: design & originality

Top winners will get to select 1 prize from the prize pools below:

Challenge Tier – Up to 3 Winners
• Mystery Shulker
• Mystery prize- Admins pick.
• 2 Spawn eggs of your choice placed by an Admin (mobs cannot be placed in a spawner & no malicious/destructive mobs)
• Name your claim (Choose your amount of bonus claim blocks, up to 30,000. Admins will have final discretion over the amount requested)
• 3 additional /homes
• One week of a donor perk of your choice (/co i command, Hat command, access to donor end portal and /tpend command)
• 2 different Tier 1 prizes

Tier 1 – Top 3 Winners
• Mystery Shulker
• 5 Netherite Blocks
• 20 Netherite Ingots
• 20 Diamond Blocks
• Full Collection of Smithing Templates
• Enchanted Netherite Weapons & Tools Set (Axe, Hoe, Pickaxe, Shovel, & Sword)
• Enchanted Netherite Armor Set (Boots, Chestplate, Helmet, & Leggings)
• Jukebox with Complete CD Collection
• 1 Shulker Box full of the up to 3 different enchanted books of your choice
• 1 Shulker Box full of copper of your choice
• 150 Emerald Blocks
• 25 Enchanted Golden Apples
• 50 Beacons
• 5 Enchanted Tridents
• 5 Inventory Rollbacks
• 2 Additional /homes
• 1 Mob head of your choice
• VIP Shop (If shop expires due to inactivity, it will not be recreated. Must not already have a VIP shop)
• 8,000 Bonus Claim Blocks
• 5,000 Bonus Claim Blocks
or any Tier 2 Prize

Tier 2 – Next Winners
• Mystery Shulker
• 10 Netherite Ingots
• 10 Diamond Blocks
• Golden Foods Collection (5 stacks of Golden Apples & Carrots)
• 1 Shulker Box full of the up to 2 different enchanted books of your choice
• 40 Shulker Shells & 20 Chests
• 100 Emerald Blocks
• 30 Totems of Undying
• 25 Beacons
• 15 Enchanted Golden Apples
• 3 Enchanted Tridents
• 3 Inventory Rollbacks
• 1 Additional /home
• 3000 Bonus Claim Blocks

* Bonus claim blocks will be given to all event participants that complete their build!

Event Rules
1. Build must be completed in the SMP Server (play.minedhype.com)
2. Build must be classified as an Island
3. Build must be lit up or mob proof
4. Build can be in any world as long as it is claimed
5. Any partial, sparse, off-theme, or incomplete builds will be disqualified
6. If you participate in the Challenge, the theme must be obvious/noticeable
7. Any troll, farms, machines, traps, obnoxious, vulgar, or offensive builds will be disqualified
8. This is a solo build event. No Teams
9. Rules are subject to change at any time for any reason
10. If you’ve entered the event, you agree to all server & event rules