Town Event — (NOW ACTIVE!)
Start: Tuesday May 26th, 2020 @ 12:00AM PST
End: Friday June 5th, 2020 @ 11:59PM PST

FREE TO ENTER! Sign-up at the BOTTOM of this page! (9 spots remaining!)


MinedHype Town Event – (Max of 32 participants, first come first serve)
To compete in this event, players must build anything they want in their own 16×16 PLOT within the town! A Town Square will be placed in the middle of the Town, surrounded by all of the plots. At the end of the event, no one is allowed to build/destroy anything in their plots, you will only be given container trust. Instead, the Town Square will be a place anyone who participated can build indefinitely. No grief or stealing is allowed and you must leave space for others. Failure to follow rules will lead to removal, no warnings will be given.

— Anyone who enters this event will be given an extra home for the event and will keep it if they actually put work into their plot
— Any builds the admins feel do not have enough effort by being empty or sparse will be removed and repurposed
— This is a SOLO build event, message Beez0r on discord for accommodations if you want to build next to friends
— There is a 2 and 4 block public pathway between every plot no one is allowed to build on
— The Town Event is lifetime and plots/claims will never expire

Plot judging is based on 3 categories: design, functionality, & originality. When the challenge time is up, MinedHype admins will go through & judge each plot within 2 days. Participants pictures will be posted on the front page of our website! Amount of prizes given out will depend on final amount of participants!

Winners will get to select 1 prize from following prize pool:

Tier 1 – Top 3 Winners
— Complete Level 1 Beacon with Iron Blocks
— Elytra with Mending & Unbreaking III
— Jukebox with Complete CD Collection
— 3 Spawn eggs of your choice placed where you want by admins
— Villager Job Collection (1 of each Job Block & Includes 2 Villagers)
— 600 Emeralds
— 15 Shulker Boxes
— 3 Enchanted Golden Apples
— 3 Inventory Rollbacks if you die for any reason
— 3 Beacons
— 3 Elytras
— 2 Tridents
— 2 Additional /homes
— 1 Beehive with 3 Bees inside
— 1 stack of Name Tags
or any Tier 2 Prize

Tier 2 – All Other Winners
— Fully Enchanted Diamond Pickaxe, Sword, Axe, Trident, or Fishing Rod
— Full Diamond Armor Set
— Diamond Horse Armor & 4 Diamond Blocks
— 15 Slime Blocks, 15 Honey Blocks, or 5 Shulker Boxes
— 1 Conduit, 2 Totems of Undying, or 3 Ender Chests
— Golden Foods Collection (3 stacks of Apples & Carrots)
— Terracota Collection (1 stack of each Terracota Block)
— Dye Collection (1 stack of each Dye Color)
— Glass Block Collection (1 stack of each Colored Glass Block)
— Wool Collection (1 stack of each Wool Color)
— Wood Collection (1 stack of each Wood Type)
— Concrete Collection (1 stack of each Concrete Color)
— 3 stacks of Blue Ice, 1 stack of Obsidian, or 15 Sponges
— 64 Bottles o’ Enchanting
— 300 Emeralds
— 2 Beacons
— 1 Trident
— 1 Inventory Rollback if you die for any reason
— 1 Additional /home

* Bonus claim blocks will be given to all event participants who try!

(1) Build must be completed in SMP Server (
(2) Build can be any shape/form within your plot. Any type of style/theme!
(3) Any builds above 25 blocks must seek admin approval (very easy & open!)
(4) Build must be above ground, anything below ground must be hidden
(5) Build must be mob spawn proof
(6) Build must not disturb your neighbors or Town
(7) No farms, traps, machines, or any exposed redstone
(8) No sounds/music unless approved by admins
(9) Do not lag the Town
(11) Any troll, obnoxious, vulgar, or offensive builds will be removed & disqualified with possible ban
(12) Sign-ups will close on Friday May 29th, 2020
(13) By entering below, you agree to all server & event rules