Bridge Building Event — (NOW ACTIVE)
Start: 1/25/2020 12PM PST
End: 2/1/2020 12PM PST

FREE TO ENTER! Sign up at the bottom of this page!

Bridge Build Event Challenge — (1 week duration)
To compete in this event, players must build a BRIDGE of any size, shape, or form starting on Saturday January 25th 2020. The build challenge will end Saturday February 1st 2020 12PM PST. When the challenge time is up, MinedHype admins will go through & judge each bridge build within 24 hours. The winner(s) will be posted on our front website page upon request!

Judging based on 3 categories: design, functionality, & originality

Winners will get to select 1 prize from prize pool:
— Complete Level 1 Beacon with Iron Blocks
— Full Diamond Armor Set
— Elytra with Mending
— Diamond Horse Armor & 2 Diamond Blocks
— Fully Enchanted Diamond Pickaxe, Sword, Axe, or Trident
— 15 Slime Blocks, 15 Honey Blocks, or 10 Shulker Boxes
— 1 Conduit
— 2 Totems of Undying
— 3 Ender Chests
* Bonus claim blocks will be given to all event participants!

— Bridge build must be completed in SMP Server (
— Bridge can be any size, shape, or form. Any type of style/theme!
— Bridge must have been built only within bridge challenge time frame
— Bridge can be built anywhere within the SMP Server
— Bridge must have been built only by one player
— Only one bridge is allowed to be built per player & must be claimed
— Any offensive bridges will be removed & disqualified
By entering below, you agree to all server & event rules