Tower Event — (NOW ACTIVE!)
Start: Friday March 27th 5PM PST
End: Sunday April 5th 12PM PST

FREE TO ENTER! Event has started, sign-up at the BOTTOM!

Tower Building Event — (9 day duration)
To compete in this event, players must build a TOWER! When the challenge time is up, MinedHype admins will go through & judge each tower build within 2 days & VERIFY build dates/info. The winner(s) will be posted on the front page of our website!

Tower judging is based on 3 categories: design, functionality, & originality. First & Second place can choose TWO prizes! Third, Fourth, & Fifth place can only choose ONE prize! Only top 5 winners get to pick a prize!

Winners will get to select 1 prize from prize pool:
— Complete Level 1 Beacon with Iron Blocks
— Full Diamond Armor Set
— Elytra with Mending
— Diamond Horse Armor & 2 Diamond Blocks
— Fully Enchanted Diamond Pickaxe, Sword, Axe, or Trident
— 15 Slime Blocks, 15 Honey Blocks, or 10 Shulker Boxes
— 1 Conduit, 2 Totems of Undying, or 3 Ender Chests
— Jukebox with Complete CD Collection
— Complete Potion Kit (1 of each Potion)
— Zombie Villager Curing Kit
— 3 Stacks of Red Netherbrick or Smooth Quartz Block
— Golden Foods Collection (1 Stack of Apples, Carrots, & Melons)
— 3 Spawn eggs of your choice placed where you want by admins
— Villager Job Collection (1 of each Job Block)
— Terracota Collection (1 stack of each Terracota Block)
— Tree Collection (3 Saplings of each Tree Type)
— Dye Collection (1 stack of each Dye Color)
— Glass Block Collection (1 stack of each Colored Glass Block)
— Wool Collection (1 stack of each Wool Color)
— Light Collection (1 of each item that provides light)
* Bonus claim blocks will be given to all event participants!

(1) Tower build must be completed in SMP Server (
(2) Tower can be any size, shape, or form. Any type of style/theme!
(3) Tower must have been built only within build challenge time frame! Admins will verify builds
(4) Tower can be built anywhere within the SMP Server
(5) You can enter the event SOLO or team of TWO only
(6) Entire tower must have been built only by you/teammate or you will be disqualified
(7) Only one tower is allowed to be built per player/team
(8) Entire tower must be claimed with only you/teammate trusted!
(9) Offensive towers will be removed & disqualified
(10) Sign-ups will close on April 3rd, 2020
(11) By entering below, you agree to all server & event rules