MinedHype Space Build Event — (ENDED!)
Started: Wednesday, July 20, 2022
Ended: Friday, August 5, 2022 @ 11:59 PM PST

Event has ENDED and results will be posted on discord!

MinedHype Event
To compete in this event, players must build anything space related within the SMP server! This can include spaceships, satellites, planets, aliens, astronauts, rovers, etc. When the event time is up, staff will go through each build to VERIFY dates/times & judge based on categories within a few days.

Judging is based on 3 categories: design, effort, & originality

Top winners will get to select 1 prize from the prize pools below:

Tier 1 – Top 5 Winners
• 5 Netherite Blocks
• 15 Netherite Ingots
• 10 Diamond Blocks
• Enchanted Netherite Weapons & Tools Set (Axe, Hoe, Pickaxe, Shovel, & Sword)
• Enchanted Netherite Armor Set (Boots, Chestplate, Helmet, & Leggings)
• Jukebox with Complete CD Collection
1 Spawn Egg of your choice placed where you want by admins
• 1 Shulker Box full of the up to 3 different enchanted books of your choice
• 150 Emerald Blocks
• 100 Shulker Shells & 50 Chests
• 25 Enchanted Golden Apples
• 50 Beacons
• 5 Enchanted Tridents
• 5 Inventory Rollbacks
3 Additional /homes
• VIP Shop (If shop expires due to inactivity, it will not be recreated. Must not already have a VIP shop)
10,000 Bonus Claim Blocks
or any Tier 2 Prize

Tier 2 – Next Winners
10 Netherite Ingots
15 Diamond Blocks
• Golden Foods Collection (5 stacks of Golden Apples & Carrots)
• Dye Collection (3 stacks of each Dye Color)
• Concrete Collection (2 stacks of each Concrete Color)
• 1 Shulker Box full of the up to 2 different enchanted books of your choice
• 40 Shulker Shells & 20 Chests
• 100 Emerald Blocks
30 Totems of Undying
25 Beacons
• 15 Enchanted Golden Apples
• 3 Enchanted Tridents
• 3 Inventory Rollbacks
2 Additional /homes
1 Additional /home
3000 Bonus Claim Blocks

* Bonus claim blocks will be given to all event participants who try and have made good progress!

Event Rules
1. Build must be completed in the SMP Server (play.minedhype.com)
2. Build must be completely claimed
3. Build can be any shape, size, or form
4. Build must have started after event start date & time or you will be disqualified!
5. Build can be anywhere you want in any world
6. Build must be classified as related to space
7. Build does not have to be in the air; it can be underground, enclosed, etc.
8. Build must be completed only by the person who entered the event
9. You can enter the event SOLO only
10. Any troll, obnoxious, vulgar, or offensive builds will be removed & disqualified
11. By entering below, you agree to all server & event rules